New features and updates, version 3.2.4 (August 2020)

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New features and updates, version 3.2.4 (August 2020)

Postby tendo-hit » 04 Aug 2020, 19:17:41

Major Changes:
1.Vip plan- many additional facilities - e.g. phone support on request, upgrade its parameters and the highest priority of mail/ticket support
2.Free SSL for Vip plan
3.Subdomain with more functionality-now they have the same editing options as domains
4.New additional plan for dedicated server- was 2 plans, will be 3
5. New price list for hosting plans
6. Rebranding Webchain(WEB) to Coin(MINTME)- our crypto coin has been rebranded to a very unique name representing what it was made for. Read more here
7.MINTME Payment Option- You can pay for Services on, using MINTME Coin which is a crypto coin giving you a 10% discount on any payment.

Minor Changes::
1.Fixed some bugs in User Panel and Database- we keep working on improving User Panel & DB and expanding its features and boost performance,
2. Implemented captcha V3
3.Security fixes

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