New features and updates, versions 3.2.0 - 3.2.3 (until January 2020)

All announcements from the administrators regarding changes, possible problems and so on
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New features and updates, versions 3.2.0 - 3.2.3 (until January 2020)

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Dear customers!
Do you believe that our hosting was created 4 years ago? Since then, we have been continuously providing high-quality services for free. Our offer has grown a lot over the years - just like our clients’ sites!

Today is the time for the next necessary changes:

[*]Dedicated servers - for the most demanding users we started leasing entire servers, not shared with anyone else. Your own secure and cheap servers can be bought in the Dedicated Servers section.
[*]Unlimited transfer - now for PRO plan too.
[*]PaymentWall - new payment method available.
[*]Cart - from now on, all products and services are added to the cart and require only one payment. You will receive email reminders in case you have left something in your cart.
[*]Domain extensions - more domain extensions to choose from, including Italian domains *.IT. Check domains page for full list.
[*]MintMe Coin mining - no need to register and no need to place miner’s code on your website. You can easily enable it in domain and subdomain editing dialog to start earning money.
[*]MintMe currency - this new payment method has benefit of 10% discount. You can start mining on your website to collect MintMe coins for your payment or quickly obtain them on MintMe exchange.
[*]Donations - convenient payment method for website’s visitors.This feature is by default enabled for plan Free and can be disabled in the domain editing dialog.

[*]Domains locked for inactivity can be unlocked directly from User Panel.
[*]Enabled aliases for subdomains.
[*]Implemented multiple TXT records for single domain.
[*]SRV records for domains can be edited.
[*]Email notification when support team answers to your ticket.
[*]Database’s password has to be different than profile’s password.
[*]Additional subject in contact form called Vacancies for job related requests.
[*]Names in Protected Areas section can no longer contain underscores.
[*]Profile name can no longer contain dots.
[*]Hosting plan FREE expires one year after it’s created and can only be upgraded to a paid plan. Plan Free can have two free domains and one email account.

[*]Column Email usage from table on Email Accounts section.

[*]Text and grammar mistakes.
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