New features and updates, version 3.1.5 (September 2017)

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New features and updates, version 3.1.5 (September 2017)

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We have implemented new features and services in our hosting in order to save your time and money. We invite you to review this detailed list of news!

New Promo: Migrate your domain to us

Are you paying too much for domain renewal? Or maybe the price of your current hosting is too high? Do not hesitate and move all your data and domains to! We can complete the process of migration to for you. For free!
Worried because you have recently paid for a hosting plan at another company? That's not a problem! Please send us a scan of your purchase order, get our unlimited VIP package for a minimum of 12 months and we will add that time to your new contract with us. The only requirement is that your plan at the other company had been activated for 2 months or longer. By moving to you can get unlimited hosting even for 10 months at no cost! Transferring your polish domain is free and its expiration date won't be reset. Contact us to discuss details and start saving time and money! If you do it now, we will give you an extra 30% discount for an unlimited VIP hosting package.

More details

Know more about our company

It is time for us to unveil a secret and to show full history of our company :) We have been on the market for 12 years now. We are currently working everywhere around the world. Do you want know more? Now you can read the story of ABC Hosting LTD. on our new subpage

Point domain to VPS server

We have implemented new functionality for our VPS hosting offer. From now on you can easily point your domain to your own VPS server.

You will probably ask: "Why do I need this? What benefits will I get?"

It's pretty simple:
[list][*]if you are running own site (e.g. online shop) and want to identify yourself as an owner who cares about safety of your customers, you should definitely have you website pointed to dedicated VPS server which we are offering.[/list]
[list][*]if your website is using many various scripts which require more permissions than we can offer in regular Free hosting plan, you will need to have own VPS which you can configure and manage however you want to.[/list]
[list][*]if you are get used to some particular control panel which differs from our panel, you may order VPS with pre-installed control panel which we currently offer (CentOS Web Panel, Ispconfig, Webmin)[/list]

All you need to do:
[list][*]have own paid domain (you may buy one from us);[/list]
[list][*]buy VPS plan which suits your needs most;[/list]
[list][*]go to "Domains" section, click "Edit" next to your domain and choose VPS which you have bought in option "Point to VPS" .[/list]

Ability to change type of Profile

You have set your Profile to "Natural person" during registration, but now you want to represent some company and change profile to "Company"? Now you can do it! All what you need is to go to section "Profile" inside of control panel and change it in the field "Profile type".

New look of the database login panel

From now on the database login page has more aesthetic and consistent look.

Deployment of CentOS Web Panel

We added another control panel to the list of available panels. From now on you can easily install CentOS Web Panel on any VPS server that uses Centos6 or Centos7. Try it now to observe how it works!

Knowledge Base development

We take great care to ensure that our users have quick access to useful information. Our team of specialists constantly develops the knowledge base , making it easy to find solutions related to the most common problems. Most recent articles that we have published in our Knowledgebase include tips on how to add a new page to Google and how to create a Joomla CMS-based site.

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